Message in a Bottle Boat Ride on a Gondola


R440/ couple 30min

Location : Durban Point Waterfront Canal

Book this Cruise with Zulumon Gondolas for a magical and memorable experience on a luxury gondola boat with your own personal message in a bottle.
We are located on the Durban Point Waterfront Canal.

This spectacular message in a bottle boat ride package includes:

  • 30 min Gondola Boat Ride
  • Message in a Bottle

Day Rides between 10h30 – 18h00
Night Rides between 18h00 – 20h00 (by reservation only)

Message in a Bottle Boat Ride on a Gondola

Message in a Bottle Gondola Boat Ride. This is Our signature ride and most popular one! The unique message in a bottle gondola boat ride will wow your loved one and create a memory to cherish. When boarding the gondola, you and your loved one will already feel incredibly special, but just wait until they find a bottle with your personal message inside it! A memory indeed and so romantic as a marriage proposal, or to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary.

This is a memory they will NEVER forget! Our best kept secret ~ what better way to pop the question ~ or say that special thank you ~ show your partner how much you love them.

Send us your personal message by email, then bring your loved one to the gondolas and really wow and surprise them when they find a bottle floating in the canal with your special message just for them. This is something to remember forever! Making Memories is what we are all about. Time and memories are so very important.

How it will work:
  • Board the Beautiful Gondola Boat at the Zulumoon Gondolas Dock – located on the Durban Point Waterfront Canal. You just need to be there at the time of your booking.
  • Our gondolier will be expecting you by name (no paperwork required)
  • Once you board – just sit back and relax as you take your ride down the stunning canal.
  • Please note that when you board the gondola you will not see the bottle.
  • Our trained operator will float the bottle containing your personal message during the ride without you seeing.
  • He will point out the floating bottle and ask you to retrieve it.
  • Open the bottle and gently lift the rose stem just enough to take your message out for your loved one to read.
  • Once done, you can store your message in the bottle and it will be a lovely memory in years to come.

We would love to share in your pics so please feel free to pop them into our facebook page.

Happy messaging…

Please Note:

  • Please bring a hat and sunscreen if you are riding during the day.
  • High Season Rates will apply on Valentines Day