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Operating Times

We are open 7 days and nights every week, including on public holidays and school holidays (weather permitting).

Operating hours are:
Day Rides: Between 10h30 – 17h45

How do I make a booking?

Please click here to see all the rides we have on offer. You can click through to each ride to see exactly what it entails. Once you have decided on a ride, please click the “Book Now” button on that ride’s page to book it online.

Alternatively, we can also book for you. Just email us on [email protected].

Please send us:

  • The package that you would like
  • The day and time you prefer
  • Your cell number for the booking (and in case we need to contact you on the day)
  • Your preferred method of payment (Credit Card via secure link, or EFT)

Will the weather be a problem?

Should the weather prevent your ride, we will either:

  • Reschedule your ride (please email us to arrange this)
  • Or give you a full refund (please just let us know before your ride)

What if I need to cancel my booking?

We completely understand that sometimes “life happens”. If you need to cancel, please just let us know before your ride and we are happy to cancel it and refund you in full, or reschedule at a time that would suit you better.

Please note that there are some rides/events that have a non-refundable deposit, but we will let you know on booking if this is the case.

Directions – Where do I go?

  1. Drive down Mahatma Ghandi road past Ushaka
  2. Turn left onto Browns Road
  3. Drive towards the beach over the canal
  4. Turn left into Ushaka B parking lot
  5. Exit the lot on foot at the Ushaka end
  6. Walk back down Camperdown road, away from the sea towards the canal and the 2 big anchors
  7. You will see our Boat Dock – this is where you need to be
  8. All booked rides must please go directly to the boats.

Click here to find us on Google Maps.

Are you lost or do you need to call us? Go for it!

Monday – Friday
Florence: 084 730 8784
Dickson: 063 201 0536

Saturday & Sunday

Dickson: 063 201 0536
Manon: 073 653 9477
Florence: 084 730 8784