Zulumoon Gondolas

Gondola Boat Rides in Durban on the Durban Point Waterfront Canal

Welcome to Zulumoon Gondolas

One of the Top Things to do in Durban

Take some time on one of the most

Magically Relaxing Gondola Boat Rides in Durban.

Taking Time

Making Memories

Relaxing Day Rides

Relax on our Day Ride down the Stunning Durban Point Canal.

Magical Night Rides

Treat your loved one to our unforgettable Magical Night Ride.

Venetian Masked Ride

Create Memories to Share Book a Fun Venetian Masked Ride

Sweets In a Bottle Ride

Suprise your children with this fun ride where they find their Sweets in a Bottle floating in the Canal.

Message in a Bottle

Say it in Style with our Message in a Bottle Ride

Picnic Ride

Picnic on A Gondola down the Point Waterfront Canal

Message in a Bottle and Picnic Ride

Combine our lovely Picnic Ride with a Message in a Bottle

Picnic, Message in a Bottle and Masked Ride

Add some fun to your Picnic and Message in a Bottle Ride with our Stunning Venetian masks

Deluxe Package excluding Music

Picnic, Message in a Bottle, Venetian Masks, Rose Petals and a Slide Show of your pictures.

Deluxe Package including Live Music

Picnic, Message in a Bottle, Rose Petals, Venetian Masks, a Picnic Slide Show and Live Music.

Enjoy a magical evening

in a dreamland of water and lights.

Treat yourself to a picnic in our comfortable gondola boats,

or maybe add our unique "Message in a bottle".

Our goal is to provide you with

~ a little magic ~

~ a different treat ~

~ that special chance to celebrate ~

~ so that you leave with a memory to cherish forever ~

We would love to share our little slice of Venice right here in Durban

with you.

So join us on one of our magical Gondola Boat Rides in Durban soon

Gondola Boat Rides in Durban : A little bit about us.

Zulumoon Gondolas is Located on the Durban Point Waterfront Canal.

Our Gondola Boat Rides in Durban provide wonderful fun things to do for

families, couples, friends and children.
Gondola boat rides offer you a unique activity in a safe and central location being the prestigious Durban Waterfront.

We are certified with SAMSA, the local Durban CTO, as well as the Kwa-Zulu Natal Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs.
Zulumoon Gondolas is a truly local and proudly South African business.

Zulumoon Gondolas

There is nothing under the Sun ~ like a Zulumoon.

We have a wide range of  Gondola Boat Rides  so check our Bookings page

for Online availability, pricing and booking.

Looking for Things to do in Durban

Gondola Boat Rides in Durban : Great for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Proposals, Time out with Friends

If you are looking for fun things to do in Durban then we can help. From couples romance to family fun so experience something unique with a gondola boat ride in Durban yes right here! And above all you can create a memory to cherish.

Time Out : Gondola Boat Rides in Durban : What could be better!

Take some time out to experience this unique activity so that you can create a very special memory. Treat those people who are so special to you, head on over to our rides and bookings page where we have something for everyone. Life is just so busy ~ non-stop go go go. We all deserve some down time, so don't miss our and treat yourself to that much needed break. Of all the things to do in Durban this is certainly an activity not to be missed.

Durbans Best Kept Secret

As one of Durbans best kept secrets, our beautiful gondola boat rides will certainly create a memory you will cherish forever. We are all about celebrating your special moments so that you will have a special memory to share with friends. Book now so that you don't miss out on a chance to treat yourself to that well deserved break. We are sure you will not not only treasure it but hopefully be back to share the fun with friends and loved ones. Relaxing Day Rides, Magical Night Rides, Picnic Rides or throw in some amazing Venetian Masks to amp up the fun. So from Families to romantic couples we cater for them all.

Kids things to do in Durban

We have a really fun boat ride designed to wow your kids. Our "Sweets in a Bottle" ride will amaze and delight your little ones and if you're looking for things to do in Durban for the kids this is one not to miss! Yep we can give them a fun ride and something to share with their friends. Suprise them when they find their 'Sweets in a bottle' floating in the canal. This is a firm favourite with the little people and there are even some colouring pages to take home. Hopefully they will sit quietly colouring them in while you have a snooze, especially good for quiet time!

Romantic  : Magical Gondola Boat Rides in Durban

Romantic things to do in Durban at night or even during the day, we can wow your loved one and create a Memory to cherish and share, therefore this is something not to miss.

Proposal ? - We specialise in Proposals see our packages

A gondola ride is such a romantic way to propose especially with our Message in a Bottle package. So if you are after a completely unique and memorable way to propose this is the answer. If you need to pop THAT question or just say "I Love you!" why not try our unique Message in a Bottle Ride. Such a romantic and different way to propose ! Then for those that really want to splurge .... we can arrange the works ... you will be serenaded with live music in a second gondola while you feast on our picnic and watch as your loved one finds that special message in our floating bottle. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how ~~~~ ROMANTICAL~ yes romantical ~ another term coined by one of our competition winners.


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See our contact information as well as map and weather forecast  With so many things to do in Durban it can be hard to choose but certainly This is one activity you will always remember and cherish so read more about us on our Blog or take a look at our lovely gallery .  If you are stuck for romantic ideas in Durban then just head on over to our amazing gondola boat ride selection. We cater for those times when you need fun things to do with the kids as well as giving you some unique birthday ideas so why not celebrate your anniversary in style this year with us or treat that special friend to one of our lovely gift vouchers this Christmas.

If You Need to Propose then we can Help!

If you Need to pop the question then this is the perfect setting. An amazing gondola ride with our message in a bottle is probably the most romantic way to pop the question!

Chillin in Duban

A great activity to Share with Your Friends

You’ve got to love Durban… and your friends.

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”
– Anais Nin

Let’s see you and your friends on our gondolas under the Zulumoon.

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