Message in a Bottle Ride

Message in a Bottle Ride – R350 / couple


Message in a bottle ride at Zulumoon Gondolas - a different way to show your love

Our best kept secret ~ what better way to pop the question ~ or say that special thank you ~ show your partner how much you love them.

Send us your personal message then~ bring your loved one to the gondolas and really wow and suprise them when they find a bottle floating in the canal with your special message just for them.

This is something to remember forever.

When you board the gondola you will not see the bottle.
Our trained operator will float the bottle containing your personal message during the ride without you seeing.
He will point out the floating bottle and ask you to retrieve it.
Open the bottle and gently lift the rose stem just enough to take your message out for your loved one to read.

Once done you can store your message in the bottle and it will be a lovely memory in years to come.