Welcome to our Durban Events page. We can assist with special events and have done the following types of events in the past.

  • Weddings
  • Photo shoots
  • Team Building
  • Birthdays & Parties
  • School events
  • Educational Tours of the Canal

Please note that we do require advanced notice for these bookings so we can plan accordingly. We also require 50% deposit prior to the event in order to secure the availability.

Please email us to arrange your customised event [email protected]

Durban Events : Weddings and Photoshoots

We have had a number of beautiful wedding shoots on the gondolas. What better way to capture your special day than on one of our unique gondola boats. The Durban Point Waterfront Canal offers a unique setting and you will be able to wow your friends. This is something exciting and fun to do right here in Durban. People will think you got married in Venice and suprise suprise it won’t cost you an overseas ticket as this is a very affordable option.

With an array of scenic spots our gondola boats and the canal offer a great chance to capture those photos in a truly unique way – you will be the talk of the town when people see your pics.

Durban Events : Team Building

At Zulumoon Gondolas our team is ready to discuss your special team building needs to make your experience a memorable one.

Durban Events : Birthdays & Parties

Such a fun way to celebrate your birthday and one that your friends will love. Definitely one of the top things to do on your birthday. We will custom design a package to suit you and your party so just email us and we do our best to wow you and your guests.

Durban Events : School Events & Educational Tours


With our expert speaker from Ushaka Marine world we love to give you and your group some an depth view into the amazing fish life of the canal. The Durban Point Waterfront Canal is a balanced eco-system boasting a thriving and diverse fish population. Contact us to arrange a great outing including both an educational talk as well as fun gondola rides.

Durban Events on the Point Waterfront Canal with Zulumoon Gondolas

Durban Events on the Point Waterfront Canal with Zulumoon Gondolas

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