Donate to support Zulumoon Gondolas in the Covid-19 Crises

Please Help us keep Zulumoon Gondolas Afloat through the Covid-19 Crises

We are closed due to the shutdown as a result of the Covid-19 crises and are making every effort to save the jobs of our loyal staff.

If it is on your heart and you are able – please would you consider supporting us by donating.

We need YOUR help to save the jobs of our staff members and are hoping to raise enough funds to weather this storm and ensure these loyal people keep their jobs and can support their families.

Looking forward to a positive future after Covid-19, when we are able to enjoy the beautiful people of South Africa again.

We are hopeful of raising enough funds to survive this difficult period in which we are closed to help slow down the spread of coronavirus.

We need to make monthly sales of at least R45 000 to stay afloat, pay wages and essential overheads. We are a small team who have worked together for many years. Bongani Xaba our longest serving employee has been with us for over 17 years and we want to be able to continue supporting all of our staff who are really like a family to us.

Your contribution will make an incredible difference to our team and their families who depend on this income.

If it is on your heart to we would be forever grateful for your help no matter how small it is – every little bit will  make a difference.

We are proudly South African and up-to-date with our registrations with SAMSA, KZNEDTEA, the DURBAN CTO and all required government bodies. We are making every effort to support our staff and keep Zulumoon Gondolas alive. We have been in business since 2004 and have helped create many wonderful memories in the lives of people and would love to continue this after the crises is over. We love being a part of your story.

Scan. Donate. Go. It’s that simple!

Zulumoon Gondolas is Proudly South African!

Our Pledge

We have worked and assisted local churches and charity organisations and should we survive this we pledge to continue this work.We believe in people and relationships and working together.

We also have some lovely vouchers available at discounted prices. They do make wonderful gifts.

Our rides make a wonderful gift for a friend or loved one or even just showing some love to another less fortunate than yourself.this is a wonderful opportunity to gift someone with incredible experience – no more than that – you will be gifting them a memory that they can cherish forever as well as knowing that you have helped us to stay afloat.