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Zulumoon Gondolas is a hidden gem of Durban situated at the picturesque Point Canal. With a calm and peaceful ambiance you can experience a relaxing boat ride with a difference. Established over 10 years ago by Kim and Jeff Livingston, the gondolas have provided the perfect setting for that special occasion, whether it be a birthday, valentine’s day or an anniversary. Memories have been made as it has been the venue for the perfect marriage proposal or wedding photographs. You feel as if you are far away from the hustle and bustle of Durban but rather in a wondrous sort of fairy tale escape.

Day rides are 15 minutes long and meander up and down the scenic , serene canal passing the palm trees, restored buildings with the amber sun glistening on the water. Ignoring your cell phone for a 30 minute night ride is a paradisiacal opportunity to withdraw and unwind .Message in a Bottle is a service available where you can surprise a loved one by sending in a personalised message that will be strategically placed in the water and picked up somewhere along the journey. Each message is unique, special and been the pinnacle of many a proposal. Picnic Rides are a 40 minute ride with a delicious picnic included on the romantically lit canal. There are many different ride options, including a masked ride which will produce such unforgettable photographs.


The boat operators are friendly, skilled skippers that man the Gondolas and look after the customers. Zulumoon Gondolas are professional, accommodating and provide good service. They have received many great reviews and have been sent numerous letters of thanks by happy customers.

“The experience was one I will treasure for the rest of my life, I did the picnic and the message in a bottle as well as sweets in a bottle for my son and it was the highlight of our holiday. The service was beyond excellent, the picnic was absolutely fantastic and the guide was fantastic too. Zulumoon certainly know how to provide quality service to their customers and the gondola tide really felt like we were in Venice. I will definitely be back again”
November 2015 ,Cassim Dawjee

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