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Christmas Star

How to see the “Christmas Star” in South Africa tonight.
For the first time in 800 years (last seen 1226 AD) we will be able to see this amazing star – also know by astronomers as the “Great Conjunction”. This occurs when Jupiter and Saturn – the two biggest planets in the solar system – are close to Earth and to each other.
The best time is just after sunset on 21st December 2020 – just look to the West and you should easily be able to spot two very bright objects which are the planets. Otherwise known as our very own Christmas Star.
Christmas Star

But not really a star..

It is really a very close alignment of the two planets Jupiter and Saturn. The last time they were so close to earth was in fact in 1623 AD – however during this alignment they also appeared very close to the sun and were therefore difficult to see. In fact this alignment happens around every 20 years but this time (like in 1226AD) they do not appear too close to the sun making it easy for us to see.

The next time we will be able to see this will be in 2080 —- so get out there tonight and have a look.
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