Tourist attractions in Durban what about the weather

Buuuutt What About the Weather ???

Worried the weather may put a dampener on your booked ride?

Should the weather not play along, we will give you a call to say whether we won’t be able to operate but, should you wish to cancel or reschedule for whatever reason…we can either refund you the full balance or, we can reschedule that ride for you to enjoy this awesome experience on another day when the weather behaves.

So the Choice is Yours. Feel free to make you booking from our amazing rides and packages or even chat to us about your event needs.

Gondola Boat Rides in Durban

A little bit about us: Zulumoon Gondolas is Located on the Durban Point Waterfront Canal. Our Gondola Boat Rides in Durban provide wonderful fun things to do for families, couples, friends and children.


Welcome to our Zulumoon Gondolas Team Building

Paddle & Puzzle Team Build

Race against your rival teams to unlock 3 exciting challenges then master the final task for the WIN!
Team Pics will be posted to Our Zulumoon Facebook page within 30min after your event.
Contact Us Via [email protected] or use the form alongside.

1. Unlock Map
2. Find & Collect Puzzle Pieces
3 Recall – Memory Challenge
4. Final Face off for the WIN
5. Team Photos uploaded to Facebook within 30min after your event

Need something different?
At Zulumoon Gondolas, our team is ready to discuss your special team building needs to make your experience a memorable one.

Welcome to our Zulumoon Photo Shoots with a Difference

Photo Shoots with a Difference

We have had a number of beautiful photo shoots on the gondolas. What better way to capture your special day than on one of our unique gondola boats. The Durban Point Waterfront Canal offers a unique setting and you will be able to wow your friends. This is something exciting and fun to do right here in Durban. People will think you got married in Venice and suprise suprise it won’t cost you an overseas ticket as this is a very affordable option.

With an array of scenic spots our gondola boats and the canal offer a great chance to capture those photos in a truly unique way – you will be the talk of the town when people see your pics.

Welcome to our Zulumoon Educational Events

Would you like us to arrange a special educational event in Durban just for you?

Educational Fun for School Kids

The Durban Point Waterfront Canal is a balanced eco-system boasting a thriving and diverse fish population. View the shark nursery area after your ride to see the baby hammerheads before they are moved into the Ushaka Marine World. Contact us to arrange a great outing.

Please select your event type below and complete the form or email us on [email protected] and we will get back to you to arrange your unique event!

Please Note: We require advanced notice for these bookings so we can plan accordingly, and 50% deposit prior to the event in order to secure the availability.

Welcome to our Zulumoon Parties

A Party to Remember

Such a fun way to celebrate your birthday and one that your friends will love. Definitely one of the top things to do on your birthday. We will custom design a package to suit you and your party so just email us and we do our best to wow you and your guests.

Would you like us to arrange a special party just for you?

Please complete the form or email us on [email protected] and we will get back to you to arrange your unique event!

Book now for your relaxing Gondola Boat Ride right here in Durban on the amazing Point Waterfront Canal. Of all the things to do in Durban ~ this is something so unique and magically relaxing. You board at our dock situated at the Ushaka end of the Durban Point Waterfront. Step into one of our Unique African Gondolas. Sit back as we take you on a relaxing trip down the scenic canal and back. You will feel like you have stepped out of life’s rush and into another world. ENJOY this time out. Unique and memorable.



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