Just like Flo, We are all feeling a little up and down during this C19 Lockdown. One minute we happy then we sad. We can all relate…

Spring cleaning

We all started out those first 3 weeks of lockdown sorting our cupboards and tidying. Renovating, painting, throwing out our junk for a worthy cause. Then we heard those dreaded words from Ramaphosa, “My fellow South Africans” announcing the extended lockdown. Well, at least now we had clean homes!

Mood Swings

We get cranky for no reason and hate everyone then the next minute we are love, light and glitter wanting to help everyone in need. We want to stay indoors and quarantine and hide, then we want to break free and go to the shops to buy bread just for an outing!!!

Bursting into Random song

Do you ever find yourself just singing random songs while you are shopping or cleaning? I’ve been singing a lot of “Its the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine!” While the tears stream down my cheek as I am sweeping my lounge.

Taken part in some COVID related social media debate

I keep saying to myself, do not get involved in that debate or that discussion on Facebook. But then I am cranky because I haven’t eaten for one hour and I get enraged by something someone says and I have to put my 2 cents worth in. 2 hours later I ask myself, “ What was this argument even about? And by that time I have probably changed my viewpoint again anyway.

Over COVID talk

I am so over the News. Then you see that same thing on the socials and then your aunt, friend person on neighbourhood watch list all forwards you the recording as well just in case you somehow missed it the first 12 times. This leads me to switch my phone off. Then Missing important calls.

Half reading messages and replying inappropriately

Can anyone out there concentrate on work? I am missing emails and there are so many forms of social media. I forget who messaged me on which platform. Then I reply either very long detailed messages including where and what time I was born or very short one-word answers.

Watch series all-day

Seeing as you keep messing up and wonder if you will even have a job you watch even more TV and call it a Mental Health week. My advice is to stick to the trashy TV shows. You know what I’m talking about! The housewives fighting each other makes you really appreciate your life. Tiger King really did help me through those first few days of lockdown because we could all just blamed Carole Baskin!

Sleep too much or not at all

We sleep all the time or we are so stressed out about the fact that its day 127 and we still don’t have our jobs back and then can’t sleep for days at a time.

Not knowing what day it is

All the days are blending into one. It is like being on holiday but without any money. We wake up thinking its a Saturday in June but its already August!

Eating all the food

Too much stress eating. I know I have been craving carbs because I find them comforting and I don’t care that they are bad for me. COVID is bad for me too and we can’t deal with too many crises at once! Just eat that comfort food!

We could add more signs to this list like zoom fatigue. I’m sure some phrase will be coined to describe all of this like with ‘Cabin Fever’ but only worse! We just have to be kind to ourselves during this time. You can only do what we can do and try to find the joy and humour in the little things.

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