Meet Flo

Flo : Meet her & Say Hello

Lockdown Covid-19 : Durban South Africa

Meet FloThis is beautiful Flo from her home during the Covid-19 lockdown in Durban South Africa.

Flo manages our calls and emails during the week days and we love having her on our team. In fact – we could not manage without her sunny smile and happy nature. She has been such a blessing to our little team!
If you have booked with us you most probably have spoken to or had an email from Flo!

Flo : Who does she work for?

  • Zulumoon Gondolas

Who the heck are they?

  • We provide gondola boat rides on the Durban Point Waterfront Canal!
  • YEP – like a mini venice – but in Sunny South Africa

Except : we have to be closed for now….

WHY you may ask ….. Well we are in a national state of lockdown due to the global pandemic of covid-19.

BUT … we cannot wait to see the other side of this and all of your beautiful faces again.

We hope you are all safe out there.
Sending much love from all of us at Zulumoon Gondolas.

We have the best gondola rides for you …. so if you haven’t – then you really should — have a look at our Rides and Packages

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Contact Us

[email protected]

Monday – Friday
Florence: 084 730 8784
Dickson: 063 201 0536

Saturday & Sunday
Florence: 084 730 8784
Dickson: 063 201 0536
Manon: 073 653 9477
Kim: 060 505 0316

Click here to find us at the Durban Point Waterfront Canal on Google Maps.