Picnics with Zulumoon Gondolas


Thanks to Jade Rajcoomar for allowing us to share this beautiful pic of their picnic gondola ride.

Picnics with Zulumoon Gondolas


Thanks to Jade Rajcoomar for allowing us to share this beautiful pic. And Unfold Durban for this wonderful Picnic write-up. Picnics with a difference! My husband and I had a picnic wedding 22 odd years ago in a public park. We did not have a lot of money and we kept things simple. It was very special and memorable and over the years we have learnt sometimes it is the simple things in life that create the best memories.

Picnics .. oh where did the word Picnic originate?

A more sinister thought of origin was that Picnics were crowds gathering to witness lynchings but there is no actual evidence of this. The word is French in origin pique-nique . It was originally found in print in 1692. Picnicking became popular after the french revolution as commoners were able to now mingle in the countries royal parks.

You can picnic anywhere & Picnics are loved by everyone!

Look, my husband and I are slightly eccentric, once we did an indoor picnic in our flat and painted leaves on our walls just for fun! (we were young with no kids and had no furniture, haha) Then there was one time we got home late and at 10pm we took our dinner to the beach and had a late-night picnic!

Picnics – Right for any occasion

We always associate picnics with romance. The beauty of this is that one does not have to wait until valentines day! Anniversaries or just the simple joy of sharing each others company on an ordinary day! There are some incredible picnic spots around the world, some of my favourites are right here in KZN! That is the beauty of it! You can celebrate just about any occasion with a picnic! I have even had kids parties that have been picnics! We are blessed to live in such a beautiful city with many beautiful picnic spots! An affordable, comfortable way of relaxing and living in the moment with those you love! Zulumoon Gondolas offers the unique opportunity to enjoy a private picnic on board. So why not book now you know you want to! Links Below. Zulumoon Gondola Picnic Rides Online Availability & Booking Visit us on Facebook

What is inside a Zulumoon Picnic Basket?

Your delicious picnic will include:
  • Soft cheese
  • Biltong (we can replace it with kudu biltong or a vegetarian alternative on request)
  • Ferrero Roche luxury chocolates
  • Nougat bar
  • Oreo biscuits
  • Lays chips
  • Grape juice
  • We are not licensed to sell alcohol.

A Picnic Gondola Ride – The Perfect Picnic

What can you expect?

How it will work:
  • Board the Beautiful Gondola Boat at the Zulumoon Gondolas Dock – located on the Durban Point Waterfront Canal. You just need to be there at the time of your booking.
  • Our gondolier will be expecting you by name (no paperwork required)
  • Once you board – just sit back and relax as you take your ride down the stunning canal.
  • Enjoy your picnic as your ride. If you have any left overs just pop them into our eco carrier bag to take home. Our baskets hand crafted by the blind society stay with us after your ride.
  • There are some beautiful bridges and scenery to enjoy along the way.
  • Don’t forget to take some pics and most of all. Feel Far Away from it all.


A Picnic Gondola Ride – the perfect way to enjoy your day. Looking for something different to do? Then why not treat yourself and that special someone to a picnic on a gondola boat. Enjoy a private picnic for two on our lovely gondola boat. We will provide the picnic in a hand crafted basket which is made right here in local Durban by the society for the blind. We provide all the goodies and you get to enjoy them while you drift along the lovely canal. This is also a lovely way to share time with friends!

Contact Us

[email protected]

Monday – Friday
Florence: 084 730 8784
Dickson: 063 201 0536

Saturday & Sunday
Florence: 084 730 8784
Dickson: 063 201 0536
Manon: 073 653 9477
Kim: 060 505 0316

Click here to find us at the Durban Point Waterfront Canal on Google Maps.

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