Captain Cat does Durban Activities

Durban Attractions for our Captain Cat

Durban Attractions by Captain Cat

This… is Captain Cat in charge  seeking out the very best Durban attractions. We would like to say that said Captain Cat is our mascot, our team motivator but, a cat is only what he/she wants to be and does only, well, what he/she wants to do. You may think of them as selfish creatures but perhaps Captain Cat is on to something.

In the words of James Herriot, “Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.” Is it surprising then that Captain Cat has chosen a gondola as his attraction. What could be more comfortable and more serene than a gondola ride, the breeze in your hair (uh, fur), the feeling of total release, relaxation, an experience of something out of the norm.

Durban Attractions  in comfort and peace ~ FUR REAL

Like cats, we too deserve absolute comfort, attractions that have our souls at total peace, which puts us in charge of what we want to do, when we want to do it. We are being FUR REAL! There are attractions in Durban that create the PAWSABILITIES for you and your FURRENDS (okay, we’ll stop now) to experience absolute comfort and an experience like no other, a gondola ride. Take charge of what sets your soul on fire, what makes you happy, experience the magic of Durban!

Gondola Ride an attraction that draws you in …

A gondola ride, this is an attraction that draws you in with the beauty of your surrounds, the appeal and allure of romance, seduction of the senses, an overload of indulgence. Sights, sounds, caress of the water, a spell on your every nerve. Total, total comfort. Can you feel it?

We say again, can you understand why this cat has chosen our gondolas as his attraction of choice? Do you see what this fine feline friend may find desirable? What has peaked his interest? Comfort, pleasure, beauty and charm.

Cats are connoisseurs of comfort, don’t you deserve that as well from time to time?

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