Durban Rocks

Durban Rocks – yes it does — yes it does!

Check out this cool screenshot (yep I had to snap it quick to share it with bonolo_s permission of course.

These girls just shout out FUN! Durban has so much of this – in buckets and spades.

Durban Rocks

So we live in this awesome city of Durban. Peeps can diss our country and city – and yes I know there are issues. But Hey – we have awesome people – really we do. And and and – we have awesome things to do too!. Thank you Bonolo_s for this great shot and your fantastic smiles. We love this vibe especially going into 2020

2020 Durban Rocks

So … what are your plans for 2020 – sounds like a bit of a watershed year/moment doesn’t it. Well we have great things up our sleeves so — stay posted — stay tuned in. Don’t be missing out coz it’s gonna be good. NO it’s gonna be GREAT.

2019 Fav Moments ??

So come on – what are your favourite 2019 moments. Oh my gosh there have been some winners for us but heck we would so love to hear some of yours. Pop us a comment below.

Are you a writer ? blogger ? fairly normal human or maybe not so much? What floats your boat – ha ha and Have you been on a gondola ride? If this answer is NO then you really really should experience this and guess what – no need to spend money on expensive airflights because we have them right here in sunny Durbs – yes! You can gondola ride in your flip flops.

Ok guys your turn ………… aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnndddddd GO…

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