Selfies Love them or Hate them

Selfies – 10 reasons to take ’em

Selfies ~ Lovers and Haters …. There are 2 kinds of people in the world…
Which one are you?

  1. No one around to take the picture! This is so true for me, I work alone most of the time and have nobody to take pictures of me!
  2. Shows Confidence not narcissism as the world would have us believe, the people who wrote those articles are boring psychologists who don’t have lives and probably 15 cats!
  3. Not everyone is going to like your face but some people do
    I know this because of the message requests I get from Kazakhstan and occasional soldiers in Iraq.
  4. Shows my expression or mood for the day so you can feel like you with me! It’s magical really as you can be in many places at one time! Read that again it’s brilliant!
  5. Others are jealous because you are comfortable in your own skin.
    Just like not everyone will appreciate the humour of this post, not everyone is going to like seeing your selfies and that’s ok but it doesn’t mean we must stop talking them!
  6. Our phones are used as mirrors to discreetly check our make up or if we have food stuck in our teeth!
  7. Its a way of passing time when in queues.
  8. Its a great way of making memories especially when there is a spectacular background. Background says a lot!
  9. It is a way of looking at ourselves and saying affirmations for the day!
  10. We have to send the pictures to our loved ones throughout the day to keep the passion alive!

So to the man who told me selfies are “just weird” maybe it’s you who are weird? but you know what I don’t discriminate, you are still loved!
What are your selfie views?

Thanks Unfolddurban for this amazing post!

Selfies by Unfolddurban

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