Chubby Bunny Challenge with Mosa and Siya

The Chubby Bunny Challenge with Mosa and Siya is hilarious to watch!

But be careful folks… it can be dangerous.

According to Wiki

At least two people have died of suffocation from choking on marshmallows.

On June 4, 1999, 12-year-old Catherine “Casey” Fish died after choking on four marshmallows while playing Chubby Bunny. The contest was scheduled for the annual Care Fair held at Hoffman Elementary School in Chicago‘s North Shore area. It was to be supervised, but Casey and some of her friends began playing while the teacher was momentarily away. She collapsed, and was taken to Glenbrook Hospital, where she died a few hours later. Fish’s parents subsequently sued the school district, with the case eventually being settled out of court. They also appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show to warn about the dangers of Chubby Bunny.[4][5][6]

On September 12, 2006, Janet Rudd, 32, from LondonOntarioCanada died in a Chubby Bunny competition at the Western FairSt John Ambulance volunteers initially came to Rudd’s aid prior to the arrival of Paramedics from Thames EMS. The paramedics arrived with equipment including a defibrillator and suction devices, but were unable to remove the blockage in the unconscious woman’s throat.[7]

They DID 7 – GUYS 7 Chubby Bunnies : Check it out7%

Chubby Bunny Challenge with Mosa and Siya

  1. Put marshmallows into your mouth – one by one.
  2. Try to say “Chubby Bunnies” without spitting out any marshmallows.
  3. Attempt to put more marshmallows into your mouth.
  4. Say chubby bunny again.
  5. Repeat these steps until you absolutely can’t say chubby bunny without spitting out any marchmellows!

A New World Record for the Chubby Bunny Challenge!

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