Durban Activities

Durban Activities – they are many. But have you every experienced a ride with Zulumoon Gondolas? Well – if not then what are you waiting for. Booking online is Easy Peasy – one – two – three and done! Well almost!!.

With a wide selection of packages all available on this web- or from Facebook. We would so love to have you visit and experience – well – our little bit of magic. Venice but not. Our special flavour of Durban as we are both proudly Durbanites and South African. Yes a double does of goodness brought right to you in this rainbow of a Nation.

I do just have to say that Durbs offers some amazing activities not only the – *cough wonderful Zulumoon Gondolas but so so many other things to do – see and share.

Have a look at some Trip Advisor Reviews.and all our rides

Most People Tell us They “Didn’t even know you were here!” So we are so Glad to have you with us now! Join us one day for a relaxing gondola ride75%

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