Crazy Friends ~ loud … outspoken …. loving & full of drama ….. 

What exactly is a great activity to share with your friends? So let’s do a little exercise, let’s take a look at the friends around us. Yip, there’s Rob, the really loud one, who makes the worst jokes at the worst times but, will also drop everything if you’re ever in a spot of trouble. Then there’s Charmaine,  really outspoken, a touch of crazy but if you’re needing someone to talk to at 1am in the morning, maybe an impromptu dance session, she’s your girl. Then there’s the Eyeore friend….drama, drama, drama! Yes, that would be Nicole (let’s call her drama llama) but, Nicole has a heart of gold and gives the best, most honest advice.

Yes, these are your friends.

Crazy, loud, beautiful friends. The ones who have your back, who walk this journey of life with you and who probably also have a lot of dirt on you so, best keep them close.

Birthdays …. Promotions …. Sad Times

You’ve probably shared so many happy events together. Birthdays, graduation, new boyfriend or girlfriend…job promotion but, you’ve most likely been there during the sad times as well. All these days, moments that bring you all closer together, that have formed a bond that is unbreakable. These are the humans you choose to have by your side, to negotiate through this world. Who said you cannot choose your family?!

How do you even begin to show them how much they mean to you? Yes, yes, we all love a tub of ice cream and an awesome flick,  but, there must be some other activity that would push you up to level of King or Queen status in your friends eyes.

I hear you, I hear you. It’s tricky. Rob hates the outdoors. Any form of mild activity has him running for the safety of his bachelor pad.  Charmaine, well Charmaine needs constant excitement,  something new, hip and happening (cannot believe I just used the words hip and happening). And then there’s Nicole. The romantic,  the dreamer who loves long walks on the beach, the smell of the sea and gets all teary eyed and insists on group hugs when you’re all together.

What if I said ????

What if I said there was something that you could all do together? A great activity to share with friends right here in Durban that you could share with all of your friends? Unless you’re thinking of finally asking Rob out on that date (yes, I see you….I know). Okay, got sidetracked there by how this activity could be a romantic Durban night plan. So let’s go back to the friend zone. An activity right here in Durban that would make all of your friends happy? A Zulumoon Gondola ride!

I hear you saying that sounds very outdoorsy and may not suit Rob. Well,  Rob would be sitting in a gondola, trusty gondolier doing the hard work. He can just sit back and enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of the Durban Point Waterfront Canal. Charmaine you worry may get bored? Oh no, contraire. There is so much to see, you really feel the Durban beat, the rhythm of the city as you float through the heart of this paradise of ours. Nicole, oh Nicole. What more could a hopeless romantic ask for?

No doubt there will be some group hugs and tears.

This is something you can share with each and every one of your friends. There’s the picnic ride if you all want to grab a light bite to eat before hitting the town,  maybe the message in a bottle ride (this one maybe for Nicole, you can make her cry bucket loads). Or, maybe a night ride, moon shining on the calm waters as you drift through this beautiful city of ours. This is a Durban activity that has it all.

Some Durban Love

You’ve got to love Durban… and your friends.

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”
– Anais Nin

Let’s see you and your friends on our gondolas under the Zulumoon. Truly this IS a great activity to share with friends.

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