Top Billing visits Zulumoon Gondolas

Top Billing visits Zulumoon Gondolas! We were So honoured to have Top Billing visit us at Zulumoon Gondolas with the opera star Nozuko Teto. We just had to share this amazing Blog from the Top Billing Website. ENJOY!

Opera star Nozuko Teto teaches Harmony how to hit the high notes

A star in the renowned opera houses of Europe, Nozuko’s life began as one of eight children to a full-time mother and truck-driver father, in Ngcingo in the Eastern Cape.

Top Billing Nozuko Teto

She first fell in love with opera in 1999 but it took years of work to perfect her vocals, stance and expressing herself in her music, today she’s performing on the stages of Italy.

It’s not all work and no play though, and Nozuko loves spending time in her home town Durban with her favourite people.

Top Billing Nozuko Teto

Harmony and Nozuko

Harmony, Nozuko Teto visit Zulumoon Gondolas with the Top Billing team.

Since Harmony had a bona fide soprano as his guest, he arranged a suitably Italian ‘gondola ride’ for Nozuko with Zulumoon Gondolas, an amazing experience unique to Durban, and offer.

Our company included Nozuko’s ten year old son Sange Teto and bestie, Azande Ndebele, whom she met when she was performing and bonded with straight away.

Top Billing Nozuko Teto

In demand on global stages, right now Ms. Teto says her priority is learning to be the mother that her ten year old deserves, and enjoying every day as a family!

Zulumoon Gondolas gets a visit from the star Nozuko Teto and Harmony from Top Billing. 

Wow what a week indeed. This is a dream come true for us. Jeff Livingston who made the gondola boats has always dreamed of hosting this amazing team. This week that dream was realised and what fun it was. A special highlight was meeting Nozuko Teto the amazing opera singer and her son.

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