Kandasamys: The Wedding “Official Trailer”

Kandasamys The Wedding

Kandasamys – and Zulumoon! OH MY GOSH we are in a Movie. For Real! Sorry but this is super exciting SO please join us for the ride. So watch watch watch the trailer (spot us we are really there – BIG YAY!) and then let us know what you think???? Are you going to watch the movie! It is a must. We definitely will be. This is us – South Africa – living the moment and being proudly South African. So join in the fun and share with your friends. The more the merrier.

Can you spot us in this trailer – “The Kandasamys : The Wedding”
We will be one of the romantic features in the Movie. 🎉☺️😁
Soooooooooooo exciting!

#Kandasamys: The Wedding Official Trailer

Exceprt from The Official Trailer You Tube Page

Welcome to the world of neighbours on the verge of becoming one big, happy family – The Kandasamys and the Naidoos. It’s been a few years since Jennifer Kandasamy and Shanthi Naidoo rekindled their once tainted friendship and the two could not be happier that their children Jodi and Prishen are to be wed. It’s the week before the big day and emotions are heightened.

Our Rainbow Nation!…

It’s colourful and loud and vibrant and spirited as everyone gets into the wedding week mood. Jennifer holds the reigns to all the wedding preparations and Shanthi focuses on the festivities held by the bridegroom. The story weaves against the backdrop of an Indian South African wedding and Jodi and Prishen’s love is put to task by the ones who claim to love them the most – their mothers. Jennifer and Shanthi have to learn how to let go of their children so that they can be happy and in turn realise that in the end, their children’s happiness is the source of their own.

Some History

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