Birthday Wishes
Birthday Wishes on Zulumoon Gondolas

Balloons and Birthday Wishes – go hand in hand. Especially when children are invloved. Don’t you just Love how birthdays seem ~ a little bit magical! For children thats what it’s all about. For those littlies – well lets just say that the day and all its magic is theirs. We LOVE seeing all the birthday girls and boys down at our beautiful canal.

Can you remember what it felt like? Waking up waaayyyy too early and waiting and waiting for those very first birthday wishes and then the PRESENTS! How wonderful it felt – all the excitment. For me I can remember that somehow my birthday day just felt “different” “lighter than air” and “magical” How do you remember your childhood birthday times?

At Zulumoon Gondolas we have a ride designed especially for children.
Our Sweets in a Bottle Ride is a firm favourite and totally puts a sparkle into their eyes. You can find these deets online at so head on over and book your ride now.

Your little one will get to enjoy a gondola boat ride on the amazing Durban Point Waterfront Canal. While they are drifting down the canal they will find their very own bottle of sweets floating in the canal. Whoop and Yum and “Where did the bottle come from Mum?”

Share Your Birthday Story with Us

What is your best, most memorable birthday story? We have had so many special times and memories at Zulumoon and would love to share in yours one day. From surprise amazing race proposals to quiet little celebrations we cater for them all. Personally I like my birthdays to be ‘small … quiet and personal’ & it must involve coffee and chocolate! So let us know what floats your boat..

We just love to hear your stories and see your pictures so head on over to our Facebook and share away.

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