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Surprising Things to do in Durban at Night

Surprising things to do in Durban at night – read about it in this is a great blog detailing some real hidden gems! Of course we are delighted that Zulumoon Gondolas features – on the TOP of their list! Thanks Raphael Macharia for an informative blog and inspiring me to become a tourist again in my own town.

Born a Durbanite even I am surprised to find that Durban boasts some really amazing spots that I have never heard about. Raphael Macharia writes “Experience the awesomeness that is the Durban nightlife. Enjoy the unique activities, tours, lounges and an all-round great atmosphere that keep Durban revolving at night. It is a guarantee that there is something for you to do, whether you are with the love of your life, your family or a group of friends. The following are things to do in Durban, South Africa, at night.”

We have listed just a few here but you can always head on over to his blog for all the rest.

Romantic Gondola Boat Rides

Magic Night Rides

Message in a Bottle

Summary of all Rides

The Rainbow Room

Rainbow RoomThe Rainbow Restaurant opened its doors for trade on Thursday 17 December 1981.

Iconic Durban Restaurant with live music and a vibrant atmosphere.


Rainbow Room VibeThe Litchi Orchard Night Market

Lichi Orchard

A night market with great food, live music, and an all-round festive atmosphere.The Litchi Orchard Night Market is an event not to be missed if you are in Durban. This is a must-do if traveling with the family.


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