Fun Things To Do In Durban

One of the Top Fun things to do in Durban – Yes your very own Gondola ride! And if you are brave enough to do it – SING it out loud. Check out this amazing group of ladies! Our very own gondola choir. Don’t miss out on this unique experience. Book now and enjoy some time out at Zulumoon Gondolas.

Durban does boast some amazing and fun activities and we do love our city.

Are you a local?

#localrocks #welovedurban #yeswedo we would love to have you visit us. Zulumoon Gondolas is here to let you put your feet up and take some time out.

Or maybe you are just visiting Durban or South Africa?

We are #proudlysouthafrican and #proudlydurbanites

Don’t miss out on experiencing our South African “slice of Venice” Snap those selfies and share away  on Our Insta page  or at Zulumoon Facebook. We do love to see your amazing pics.

Sing Sing a Song

So … are you brave enough? Book Now online and sing your way down the canal. One of the top fun things to do in durban and something so completely different. Then be bold – be brave and share your selfie or even better a video of your wonderful singing! We would love to see. Who knows you may even win something…. Everyone loves a competition right?

Durban – fun – family and time out in the beautiful point canal area. What could be better. I am always looking to RELAX and have some fun. More than that – to escape the busyness of life. Yep the constant grind can wear you down but come on over and put those feet up. Durban rocks and so do we at Zulumoon Gondolas. You will find that you leave feeling a little “far away from it all” and ready to take on the next task. Or ready to relax some more which is even better.


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