Fathers Day Gondola Ride in Durban

Fathers Day Gondola Ride in Durban

Fathers Day Ideas

Fathers day is one of those days that sneaks up on you when you least expect and on a day that finds itself in the middle of winter if you are in the southern hemisphere. Whether looking for a easy fathers day filler or a thoughtfully planned event, you would be rewarded if you look no further than your own Durban waterfront. Zulumoon Gondolas is based on the canal next to Ushaka marine World in the Point area so have a look at all our packages.

Relaxing Day Ride 

Magical Night Ride 

What Fathers love to do on Fathers Day

You can’t go wrong with boats or boat rides of any sort, especially on Fathers day. A little or lot of excitement is always embedded in almost any form of boat activity. When asking yourself what to do on fathers day, then a boat ride would be on top of my list. Of all the things to do in Durban a gondola ride is a must do and a real gem. Situated on the Durban Waterfront Canal next to Ushaka this stunning venue and activity is not to be missed.

Don’t miss your Ride on Father Day with Zulumoon Gondolas

A Zulumoon gondola is one of those things to do in Durban that is almost a best kept secret when it comes to Father’s day outings. But thanks to some super new and focused social media marketing by the Zulumoon gondolas team, it has become one of those events or experiences that can claim for themselves a “ snooze you loose” badge. Durban lends itself to beautiful winter outdoor ventures and water temps are still enjoyable even though you are in a boat.

Fathers Day Things to Do

A Zulumoon Gondola boat ride down this gem of a canal is one of the top things to do in Durban because it will entertain, amaze and relax the man no matter what pedigree.
To those fathers with sons, this is something of a bonding experience: with water, wood and wonder all within your reach. A perfect activity to enjoy as you drift just a touch above the surface of a canal that teams with life. Fish follow the gondolas and frolic about near the docks in a glassy clear world of colour and movement.

Message in a bottle on Fathers Day

Send a special message to your father and add to the excitement by sending a personalised message. This will be floated in a bottle in the canal for him to find. Yes his very own message in a bottle.

Message in a bottle ride at Zulumoon Gondolas - a different way to show your love

Message in a bottle ride at Zulumoon Gondolas – a different way to show your love

Message in a bottle

Snack or Picnic Rides

Snack and picnic rides are popular which is also something to consider for that peckish male on fathers day. And don’t forget to look out for the baby hammerhead sharks as you drift leisurely past their steel enclosure. This keeps them (and you) safe in a section of the canal. The aquatic life which is looked after by the marine biologists at Ushaka Marine World is an incredible system that gives life to this canal and will be especially admired by those lucky fathers who are given a chance to enjoy it with Zulumoon Gondolas.

Picnic Ride

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Location: Durban Point Waterfront Canal @ the Ushaka Village Walk end

GPS    Latitude = -29.868963      Longitude = 31.047157


General Directions

  • Drive down Mahatma Ghandi road towards Ushaka
  • Turn left onto Browns road
  • Go across the canal over the bridge
  • Turn left into Ushaka B parking lo
  • Exit the lot on foot @ the Ushaka end,
  • Walk down the road, away from the Sea towards the Canal and the 2 big anchors
  • You will see our Boat Dock this is where you need to be
  • Note all booked rides go directly to the boats

Contact Us

[email protected]

Monday – Friday
Florence: 084 730 8784
Dickson: 063 201 0536

Saturday & Sunday
Florence: 084 730 8784
Dickson: 063 201 0536
Manon: 073 653 9477
Kim: 060 505 0316

Click here to find us at the Durban Point Waterfront Canal on Google Maps.

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Magical Night Gondola Ride

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