Fun Things to Do In Durban for Kids

Wondering where to go and looking for some fun things to do in Durban?

Sweets in a Bottle Gondola Boat Ride ~ Fun Things to do in Durban

Sweet Fun Boat Ride in Durban ~ Fun Things to do in Durban

Joy Shared on this Gondola Boat Ride ~ Fun things to do in Durban

Joy Shared on this Gondola Boat Ride ~ Fun things to do in Durban

Magical Gondola Boat ride ~ Fun Things to do in Durban

Find your magic ~ Fun Things to do in Durban










Sweets In A Bottle Gondola Boat Ride

Well we can help you find and share a little bit of magic. Your children will just love our fantastical sweets in a bottle gondola boat ride. Book it now, it is at your finger tips so don’t miss out, just click, book and surprise your children!

The ride starts once you board the gondola boat at the docks. Then you will all enjoy the sights and sounds as you drift down the spectacular canal. Surprise your children when they find a special bottle of sweets just for them floating on the canal. They will enjoy munching on the delicious sweets as they drift down the canal on a beautiful gondola boat. When you get home get them to colour in the fun colouring pages and put your feet up and relax.

Share the memory with all your friends. This is a really fun thing to do in Durban and one you will want to share. Don’t forget to take lots of pics during you ride and we would love you to stop in at our facebook page Zulumoon Gondolas and share some of them with us. If you are an Instagram fan, pop on over to zulumoongondolas there and post away so we can see your lovely photos.

Magical Night Ride on a Gondola Boat

If you prefer to take some time out in the evening you can treat yourself to the magic of the canal at night – of all the fun things to do in Durban, this is a must do so book now and don’t miss out on this memorable time.On a Magic Night Ride you get to take that time out and be transported to a different world

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