December Things To Do In Durban

Thinking of December things to do in Durban? What can you add to make your holiday memorable and special. What does a holiday it mean for you?

For me, it’s a special time, a time to…take some time out of life’s constant rush, a time to spend with people. Family..friends and those who are just hurting. A time to give and a time to receive. This is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. It is time to celebrate life! Durban boasts many fun things to do but visiting  Zulumoon Gondolas is a must.

One of the Top Ten Things to Do in Durban in December

Yep this is a real must. The canal is so amazing with its beautiful bridges. The Point Waterfront is so scenic and makes for amazing pictures. We do have something for everyone with our many packages. So head on over to our rides page and browse away. We offer a unique experience and a memory to cherish afterwards. One that you can share with friends and family afterwards.

Some of our packages are:-

  • Relaxing Day Ride
  • Message in a Bottle
  • Picnic Ride
  • Sweets in a Bottle
  • Deluxe Ride with Live Music!


Sweets in a Bottle

I don’t know about you but I love to surprise my friends and especially my kids. Your children will be blown away when they get to find their own bottle of sweets floating in the canal! What fun!

or~ Message in a Bottle

Wow your partner when they discover a bottle with a personal message from you during their Gondola Ride. How Romantic and special. When you board the gondola you will not see the bottle but rather find it floating in the canal during your ride. Memorable and special indeed and something that will be cherished forever.

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