Tranquillity on a Gondola

Take some time out right here in Durban and be transported into a magical world on our unique and beautiful African Gondola boats. Thank you Kaveshan for this lovely review.
“Tranquillity on a Gondola”
5 of 5 bubblesReviewed 16 August 2016

I have seen these Gondola’s on various social media platforms but never actually enquired about them until I had seen a promotion on GroupOn. It was quite surprising at how reasonable the price was and without hesitation I bought the deal. I was not sure about the booking process so I emailed the team at Zulumoon Gondola’s and within 15 minutes I had received a call and was provided with the relevant steps to book the ride. The response was quick, efficient and very politely done. I booked for the first available time on the day which was 11am via the website and all I had to do was arrive with my GroupOn voucher and go to the canal where the boat is docked. The directions provided by Zulumoon Gondola’s are clear and precise and if followed correctly one cannot miss the boats. We had arrived around 10 minutes earlier and within about 5 minutes the gondolier arrived, had a look at my voucher and asked us to hop on in.

Then we were off, the weather was still, sunny even though there were a bunch of clouds in the sky, we could not have asked for better weather. The ride was smooth, peaceful and provides a real tranquil feeling. The scenery was just amazing, you would see the sun beaming down on the water, some of the locals enjoying a quiet snack on the benches around the canal and also some really cool apartment and small business buildings.

This was just an amazing experience at a very budget friendly price and I highly recommend it for everyone as you will not be disappointed. The team is quick, efficient and very accommodating, I will surely be back for more rides.

Visited August 2016


Thank Kaveshan K

Lovely Afternoon on the Gondolas in Durban

Spend a lovely afternoon in Durban – come for a ride on our unique African Gondola Boats with your family.
“Lovely afternoon with hubby, children and nephew”
5 of 5 bubblesReviewed 14 August 2016 via mobile

Lovely relaxing afternoon with my family. Kim is an absolute star and was very accommodating. All the staff are super friendly. Drifting along the canals was super relaxing and we enjoyed some lovely family time. From booking right to the end of the gondola ride, it was fantastic. I highly recommend this activity!

Visited August 2016

Thank Michelle_Moodley_Guy
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A Romantic Sunset Never to Forget

Like this Trip Advisor customer, are you wondering what to do to break the day… wonder no more. Right here in beautiful Durban we can wow you with memories to treasure forever! That something special for that special person in your life. Treat yourself to one of our lovely gondola rides – yes we have custom made – local is lekka – African Gondolas for you to enjoy.
“A romantic sunset never to forget ”
5 of 5 bubblesReviewed 10 August 2016 via mobile

Having trawled the Internet for something that would break the boredom and monotony of the day, I by chance came upon Zulumoon Gondolas. I had seen the canal and the gondolas when visiting Ushaka but for some reason my mind never put two and two together. After some further investigation, and complete indecisiveness on my part, I sent the Zulumoon team an email. The dilemma? There was so much to choose from! All was catered for! Young and old, the sweets in a bottle next on my to do list as I can only imagine my son’s excitement. However, having decided that I would treat hubby to an outing (about the only decision I was capable of making) I asked the dream team (so they shall be named as they were very accommodating, even being so kind as to find out sunset times) for their recommendations but inevitably the decision had to be made and I eventually settled on the romantic picnic ride after much deliberations. The day was upon us! Or shall I say eve. We made our way down to the docks to be welcomed by Bongani our gondoliers and fine photographer if the snaps he took of us on my cellular contraption are anything to go by. Bongani was not only a fine photographer but seemed to know when the moment called for silence and as we made our way down the canal in a gondola (which I learnt from our dear friend Bongani, was made by the proprietors) we had the honour of witnessing one of the most spectacular sunsets. After basking in the last rays of the sun, we dug into the picnic with a fervour. We were fed! On love, on the experience and yes, the great picnic, and our souls were happy. Alas dream team, you shall have to deal with me again shortly! I intend to try out every single ride! Starting with message in a bottle. Oh wait, no, sweets in a bottle. I remember making mention that I would treat my son next. Thank you so much for sharing your gondolas with us and for the incredible experience!

Visited June 2016


Thank sunshineinherheart

Relaxing Gondola Ride Durban

“Gondola Ride”
4 of 5 bubblesReviewed 16 May 2016

A lovely relaxing Sunday afternoon Gondola Ride with my husband. Nice to enjoy the ride actually on the water – the Canal is a lot longer when sailing on it as to what it seems from the shore line.

Visited May 2016


Thank DianevanVuuren
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Lovely Boat Ride for Young and Old

A big thanks to Stacy H from Trip Advisor for sharing this review with us.
5 of 5 stars14 Mar 2016Reviewed by Stacy H
We actually stumbled across this by chance and I am so glad we did, what a nice experience, the canal is clean and the scenery beautiful, you also get a great view of all the old restored railway houses, I highly recommend it for old and young.
Come on over and enjoy some time out on our unique African Gondola Boats with your family – suitable activity for young and old in Durban. We have a package to suit everyone.

Most Romantic Experience Ever

So grateful to Cassim_Dawjee from Trip Advisor for taking the time to send us this gem.
“Most romantic experience ever”
5 of 5 bubblesReviewed 23 February 2016

The experience was one I will treasure for the rest of my life, I did the picnic and the message in a bottle as well as sweets in a bottle for my son and it was the highlight of our holiday. The service was beyond excellent, the picnic was absolutely fantastic and the guide was fantastic too. Zulumoon certainly know how to provide quality service to their customers and the gondola tide really felt like we were in Venice. I will definitely be back again.

Visited November 2015


Thank Cassim_Dawjee

A piece of Venice in Durban

Thank you Donny R from Trip Advisor for this wonderful review!
“A Piece of Venice in Durban”
5 of 5 bubblesReviewed 4 September 2015

I recently acquired the services of Zulumoon Gondola rides to celebrate my anniversary with my wife. The cost was well worth the experience. The organizer ensured that my personal message in the bottle was handled professionally and my wife has no clue as to what occurred and she was very shocked and excited at the same time to “find” a message in a bottle together with a paper rose and message typed out on Old looking paper. Its the small attention to details that the Gondola ride a memorable experience so much that you forget that you are still in Durban. The guy steering the gondola was very knowledgeable was answered all my questions very politely and accurately. i cant wait to try out the picnic experience soon.

Visited August 2015

1 Thank Donny R
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Customer Reviews from Trip Advisor

I want to share some amazing feedback and reviews we have received from Trip Advisor.

If you are wondering what to do these holidays in Durban … look no further as we have fun,exciting and romantic gondola rides available for you at great prices.

This is from user Shai23 on Trip Advisor – thank you so much for stopping by to send us this lovely review.

“Wonderful experience ”
5 of 5 bubblesReviewed 27 March 2016 via mobile

With trepidation I booked a gondola ride with Zulumoon Gondolas unsure what to expect. It was a birthday gift to my husband with my idea being that to give him a birthday filled with amazing and new experiences.
On the day before we had scheduled the gondola ride there was a severe storm in Durban. Concerned that the weather was not suitable for the ride I emailed Zulumoon Gondolas and requested a change of date. Jeff from Zulumoon Gondolas promptly replied and stated that there would be no issue in rescheduling. He was impressive in his professionalism and willingness to assist me. He continuously emailed me and kept in touch until a new date for the ride was scheduled. On the day we arrived for the gondola ride we were greeted warmly and treated to a wonderful experience with a fantastic surprise involving sweets in a bottle. I will not elaborate as i do not want to spoil the surprise for anyone else who may book for this experience. My son and husband both had a fantastic time
And it turned out to be an amazing experience for my husband.
I would highly recommend this experience to anyone visiting Durban or uShaka.

Visited March 2016

Thank Shai23
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Love is on the Water


Love is ~ Indeed. A beautiful couple ~ a beautiful proposal.

Want to pop THE question ~ One of Durbans best kept secrets ~propose on a gondola -YES!

So Romantic, a proposal with our personalised message in a bottle on a gondola boat. So unique and memorable and she wont suspect a thing.

Send us your personal message then~ bring your loved one to the gondolas and really wow and suprise them when they find a bottle floating in the canal with your special message just for them.

Proudly Announcing our Partnership with GoRhino


We are proud to announce our new partnership with GoRhino. They have joined with Project Rhino KZN whose main aim is to put poaching to an end. For every GoRhino membership purchased contributions are made to Project Rhino KZN. “Saving you rand’s while saving the rhinos!”  GoRhino have linked up with a large number of service providers so you get great deals on anything from movies to maintenance. When you sign up with GoRhino you Get  20% off a day ride or romantic night ride for two . The Day ride is R80 per couple and is normally R100 .The Romantic Night ride is R176per couple  and is normally R220.

It is wonderful to work with amazing people like these towards improving our beautiful country.

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