Surprising Things to do in Durban at Night

Surprising Things to do in Durban at Night

Surprising things to do in Durban at night – read about it in this is a great blog detailing some real hidden gems! Of course we are delighted that Zulumoon Gondolas features – on the TOP of their list! Thanks Raphael Macharia for an informative blog and inspiring me to become a tourist again in my own town.

Born a Durbanite even I am surprised to find that Durban boasts some really amazing spots that I have never heard about. Raphael Macharia writes “Experience the awesomeness that is the Durban nightlife. Enjoy the unique activities, tours, lounges and an all-round great atmosphere that keep Durban revolving at night. It is a guarantee that there is something for you to do, whether you are with the love of your life, your family or a group of friends. The following are things to do in Durban, South Africa, at night.”

We have listed just a few here but you can always head on over to his blog for all the rest.

Romantic Gondola Boat Rides

Surprising Things to do in Durban at Night Zulumoon Gondolas

Magic Night Rides

Message in a Bottle

Summary of all Rides

The Rainbow Room

Surprising things to do in durban at night Rainbow Restaurant

The Rainbow Restaurant opened its doors for trade on Thursday 17 December 1981.

Iconic Durban Restaurant with live music and a vibrant atmosphere.

Rainbow Vibes

The Litchi Orchard Night Market


Surprising things to do in durban at night litchi night market

A night market with great food, live music, and an all-round festive atmosphere.The Litchi Orchard Night Market is an event not to be missed if you are in Durban. This is a must-do if traveling with the family.


Valentines Special Durban 2018

Valentines Special  – Durban 2018

Valentines Special indeed! Can you get more romantic than this, our magical Valentines Special in Durban this 2018? Looking for something romantic to do this Valentines? That something extra special (that you can boast to your friends about!) Well we have something amazing for you.

Valentines Special

R550 per couple

Feel like you’re in a dreamland this Valentines as you drift along in our beautiful gondola boat, through a romantic wonderworld of light and music. Add to this unbeatable atmosphere some decadent chocolates, and don’t forget the beautiful red rose and you have an amazing memory to share.

Make this a night to remember.

We do have a very limited availability so book now so you don’t miss out.

Booking are Open

Dont forget to share your memories with us

Ride Details

Treat your love to a magically romantic ride down the beautiful canal at night including,
  • 25 min Gondola Ride for 1 couple
  • A red rose for your partner
  • Valentines chocolates to enjoy together
  • Some beautiful live dockside music to serenade you as you arrive and leave.

What to expect

A time to remember! Arrive on time as we are generall fully booked every Valentines and you don’t want to miss out on this magical time. You will be greeted by our friendly Zulumoon Gondola Staff at the dock and received your chocolates and a lovely Red Rose for your loved one. Then sit back, put your feet up as you drift away from the docks on the notes of our beautiful dockside music. The wonderful canal lies ahead with its stunning lights and bridges. Feel far away from it all as you create a memory to cherish and share after your trip. Time almost stands still as you relax and enjoy your chocolates and the scenic waterfront area from the comfort of our gondola. Then be welcomed back to the dock by the lilting music at our docks as we say a warm goodbye to you.

What happens if there is bad weather?

If weather prevents your booking we will give you the option of a full refund or a chance to reschedule your booking to another night.

Your rescheduled ride will not include a Red Rose & music but will be
~ a 30 min ride with Chocolates & our famous Message in a Bottle

Don’t miss out ~ very limited availability
Fun Things to do in Durban

Durbans Singing Gondola Choir

Fun Things To Do In Durban

One of the Top Fun things to do in Durban - Yes your very own Gondola ride! And if you are brave enough to do it - SING it out loud. Check out this amazing group of ladies! Our very own gondola choir. Don't miss out on this unique experience. Book now and enjoy some time out at Zulumoon Gondolas.

Durban does boast some amazing and fun activities and we do love our city.

Are you a local?

#localrocks #welovedurban #yeswedo we would love to have you visit us. Zulumoon Gondolas is here to let you put your feet up and take some time out.

Or maybe you are just visiting Durban or South Africa?

We are #proudlysouthafrican and #proudlydurbanites

Don't miss out on experiencing our South African "slice of Venice" Snap those selfies and share away  on Our Insta page  or at Zulumoon Facebook. We do love to see your amazing pics.

Best Experience

Great Service

So Romantic

Sing Sing a Song

So ... are you brave enough? Book Now online and sing your way down the canal. One of the top fun things to do in durban and something so completely different. Then be bold - be brave and share your selfie or even better a video of your wonderful singing! We would love to see. Who knows you may even win something.... Everyone loves a competition right?

Durban - fun - family and time out in the beautiful point canal area. What could be better. I am always looking to RELAX and have some fun. More than that - to escape the busyness of life. Yep the constant grind can wear you down but come on over and put those feet up. Durban rocks and so do we at Zulumoon Gondolas. You will find that you leave feeling a little "far away from it all" and ready to take on the next task. Or ready to relax some more which is even better.



Fathers Day

Fathers Day Gondola Ride in Durban

Fathers Day Gondola Ride in Durban

Fathers Day Ideas

Fathers day is one of those days that sneaks up on you when you least expect and on a day that finds itself in the middle of winter if you are in the southern hemisphere. Whether looking for a easy fathers day filler or a thoughtfully planned event, you would be rewarded if you look no further than your own Durban waterfront. Zulumoon Gondolas is based on the canal next to Ushaka marine World in the Point area so have a look at all our packages.

Relaxing Day Ride 

Magical Night Ride 

What Fathers love to do on Fathers Day

You can’t go wrong with boats or boat rides of any sort, especially on Fathers day. A little or lot of excitement is always embedded in almost any form of boat activity. When asking yourself what to do on fathers day, then a boat ride would be on top of my list. Of all the things to do in Durban a gondola ride is a must do and a real gem. Situated on the Durban Waterfront Canal next to Ushaka this stunning venue and activity is not to be missed.

Don't miss your Ride on Father Day with Zulumoon Gondolas

A Zulumoon gondola is one of those things to do in Durban that is almost a best kept secret when it comes to Father’s day outings. But thanks to some super new and focused social media marketing by the Zulumoon gondolas team, it has become one of those events or experiences that can claim for themselves a “ snooze you loose” badge. Durban lends itself to beautiful winter outdoor ventures and water temps are still enjoyable even though you are in a boat.

Fathers Day Things to Do

A Zulumoon Gondola boat ride down this gem of a canal is one of the top things to do in Durban because it will entertain, amaze and relax the man no matter what pedigree.
To those fathers with sons, this is something of a bonding experience: with water, wood and wonder all within your reach. A perfect activity to enjoy as you drift just a touch above the surface of a canal that teams with life. Fish follow the gondolas and frolic about near the docks in a glassy clear world of colour and movement.

Message in a bottle on Fathers Day

Send a special message to your father and add to the excitement by sending a personalised message. This will be floated in a bottle in the canal for him to find. Yes his very own message in a bottle.

Message in a bottle ride at Zulumoon Gondolas - a different way to show your love

Message in a bottle ride at Zulumoon Gondolas - a different way to show your love

Message in a bottle

Snack or Picnic Rides

Snack and picnic rides are popular which is also something to consider for that peckish male on fathers day. And don’t forget to look out for the baby hammerhead sharks as you drift leisurely past their steel enclosure. This keeps them (and you) safe in a section of the canal. The aquatic life which is looked after by the marine biologists at Ushaka Marine World is an incredible system that gives life to this canal and will be especially admired by those lucky fathers who are given a chance to enjoy it with Zulumoon Gondolas.

Picnic Ride

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Location: Durban Point Waterfront Canal @ the Ushaka Village Walk end

GPS    Latitude = -29.868963      Longitude = 31.047157


General Directions

  • Drive down Mahatma Ghandi road towards Ushaka
  • Turn left onto Browns road
  • Go across the canal over the bridge
  • Turn left into Ushaka B parking lo
  • Exit the lot on foot @ the Ushaka end,
  • Walk down the road, away from the Sea towards the Canal and the 2 big anchors
  • You will see our Boat Dock this is where you need to be
  • Note all booked rides go directly to the boats
One of the Top Durban Experiences a Picnic and Message in a Bottle Ride in Durban

Top Durban Experiences ~ Picnic Gondola Ride

One of Top Durban Experiences:-

As one of the Top Durban Experiences, this is one not to be missed therefore read on to learn more. A Gondola Boat ride including a Picnic and Message in a Bottle is something unique therefore read on for the lovely review below. Thank you Tracy for posting this lovely review , because we aim to make memories we so appreciate this feedback. Our goal is to give you a unique experience that will become a treasured memory and one that you love to share so book now and don't miss out on this very special experience.

Wow just Wow

This was probably the best I could've surprised my Boyfriend with, and in the heart of our City!! :). Zulumoon you guys have out done yourselves. From the start of booking, to Kim consistently being in contact throughout the process - informing me of bad weather, etc. I felt like a bridezilla for the fact that I kept changing dates and times, and through it ALL Kim still managed to be as accommodating and sweet as can be! I cannot begin to express how Grateful Iam to Kim and her awesome team! they even guided me as to where to park, how to enter. Everything was absolutely EFFORTLESS. I chose the Picnic basket, message in a bottle Gondola and I all I can say is GO and experience for yourself how AMAZING this experience is!! had my bf in tears. This is an absolute MUST and I'll definitely be back! 🙂

Wow Tracy you nearly had me in tears too, this is so special so thank you again for sharing.


One of the Top Durban Experiences a Picnic and Message in a Bottle Ride in Durban

Picnic and Message in a Bottle Ride in Durban

This review from Tracy shows exactly what we aim for so don't miss out, book your ride now. Making memories that will last forever is what we are all about so take the time and have a look around our website, as we would really love to share some magic with you.

Needing a gift that is just different, then pop us an email to buy your lovely e-voucher.




Affordable Fun Gondola Boat Ride in Durban

Affordable Fun Durban ~ We have great prices

Affordable fun Durban ~ Look no further

We have some lovely packages which offer great prices for your “affordable fun Durban” needs

Come for a Gondola boat ride on the Durban Point Waterfront Canal because it’s affordable fun in Durban for the whole family.

Affordable Magic Night Rides for 4

This is a really great way to treat your friends or family. Buy your voucher now and don’t miss out on the specials we have running. Enjoy a Magic Night Ride for 4 at affordable rates through Hyperli.

Affordable Fun Sweets in a Bottle Ride for 2 or 4

Treat your children to a fun gondola boat ride and surprise them with a fun find of a bottle of sweets.

We bring you this affordable fun in Durban through Hyperli Sweets in a Bottle Gondola Ride Deal

Buy your voucher now because there is limited availability. Purchase your voucher then don’t forget to book your date and time with us at Zulumoon Gondolas. The details and booking links will be on your voucher.

Upcoming Deals : Affordable Day Rides for 4

Watch the Daddy’s Deals website for our new day ride deal. Don’t miss it though as the last deal sold out quickly. So if you want to do a day ride for 4 at affordable rates, head on over to Daddy’s Deals and buy your voucher for a Day ride for 4 at half price. When you buy a Day Ride with Daddy’s Deals  with it you also get a discount on night rides of R50 for 2 couples. Just email us with your Daddys Deal voucher to arrange this.

Affordable Fun Durban ~ on this Scenic Gondola Boat Ride

Affordable Fun Durban ~ on this Scenic Gondola Boat Ride

Affordable Fun Gondola Boat Ride in Durban

Affordable Fun Durban ~ Gondola Boat Rides

Fun Gondola Boat Ride







If you want to see our full ride selection, then just pop into our Ride Summary page. There you will find all the details and booking links. Stuck for birthday ideas, we can help because we offer a wide selection of rides. Say it in style with our unique message in a bottle ride or enjoy a romantic picnic with your loved one. Make memories to cherish and share when you experience a gondola ride right here in Durban – our very own Venice in Africa. Your slice of magic and romance at your finger tips. It’s easy to book, you can complete this yourself in the comfort of your own home with our online booking. Or you are welcome to call and email us your details when you know what ride you would like and we will gladly assist with the booking on your behalf.

Fun Things To Do In Durban for Kids

Fun Things to Do In Durban for Kids

Wondering where to go and looking for some fun things to do in Durban?

Sweets in a Bottle Gondola Boat Ride ~ Fun Things to do in Durban

Sweet Fun Boat Ride in Durban ~ Fun Things to do in Durban

Joy Shared on this Gondola Boat Ride ~ Fun things to do in Durban

Joy Shared on this Gondola Boat Ride ~ Fun things to do in Durban

Magical Gondola Boat ride ~ Fun Things to do in Durban

Find your magic ~ Fun Things to do in Durban










Sweets In A Bottle Gondola Boat Ride

Well we can help you find and share a little bit of magic. Your children will just love our fantastical sweets in a bottle gondola boat ride. Book it now, it is at your finger tips so don’t miss out, just click, book and surprise your children!

The ride starts once you board the gondola boat at the docks. Then you will all enjoy the sights and sounds as you drift down the spectacular canal. Surprise your children when they find a special bottle of sweets just for them floating on the canal. They will enjoy munching on the delicious sweets as they drift down the canal on a beautiful gondola boat. When you get home get them to colour in the fun colouring pages and put your feet up and relax.

Share the memory with all your friends. This is a really fun thing to do in Durban and one you will want to share. Don’t forget to take lots of pics during you ride and we would love you to stop in at our facebook page Zulumoon Gondolas and share some of them with us. If you are an Instagram fan, pop on over to zulumoongondolas there and post away so we can see your lovely photos.

Magical Night Ride on a Gondola Boat

If you prefer to take some time out in the evening you can treat yourself to the magic of the canal at night – of all the fun things to do in Durban, this is a must do so book now and don’t miss out on this memorable time.On a Magic Night Ride you get to take that time out and be transported to a different world

Proposal on a Gondola Boat in Durban

Proposal on A Gondola Boat

Thank you for this lovely review of your romantic and memorable proposal on a gondola boat.

“my beautiful proposal on a gondola ride”

my experience was amazing my fiancée had taken me on the gondola ride as it was my first time. the ride was so smooth and the atmosphere so serene , we had a lovely picnic on the gondola and a few sweet words were exchanged…….and then he popped the question ! it was beautiful beyond expection.

Visited August 2016
Proposal on a Gondola Boat in Durban

Proposal on a Gondola (picture compliments of Angelique and Steve – please note this is not from the reviewer above)

Proposal on a Gondola Boat in Durban

Proposal on a Gondola Boat in Durban

Thank you for sharing this lovely review soogrimnafiza. We always love to hear from our customers so please let us know what your experience was like. If you would like to share some pics with us head on over to our facebook page and share away.

Your Unique Proposal on a Gondola Boat ~ that something magical.

If you are looking for something really special and that extra bit of magic for your proposal then Book Now

This is a truly unforgettable experience as you relax and let yourself be swept away to another world. With the magic of the stunning canal you will feel far away from it all. Don’t forget to snap some pics or we can assist just request our photo add on and we will advise on the photography options.

We do have a big range of options to select from so have a look at our ride summary page. There are a lot of other fun and exciting things to do on our lovely Gondolas in Durban. Perhaps you would like to give a gift to a special friend or treat your mom, if so we also offer lovely gift vouchers. Don’t miss out as we have something for everyone.


Valentines Durban Special Gondola Ride

Gondola Ride ~ Valentines Durban  ~ with Live Dockside Music

Valentines durban – this night is the perfect evening to bring out the romance in you with our Valentines Special. Woo your partner and whisk her off her feet with our Valentines Special this year. Want her to feel special, then look at what we’ve planned : a magical evening under the stars. Just like a Dream. Yes that’s what our Valentines evening will feel like, with beautiful dockside music played on a Viola and (later in the evening on a Cello)

Arrive at the docks and receive a lovely bag of goodies to enjoy on your ride. With delectable chocolates to eat and amazing Dockside music to send you off on your journey down the magical canal you are all set. Be transported into another world as the lovely live dockside music floats with you down the canal. Bring your camera (your phone will do 🙂 ) so that you can capture the moments and share with your friends. How jealous will they all be when they hear what you did on Valentines Night!

Spoilt is exactly how your loved one will feel. Feel far away from it all as you drift down the canal on one of our luxurious gondola boats. Enjoy the delectable chocolates and amazing canal lights. Durban’s Waterfront is so magical at night that you really don’t want to miss this one so book now.

Share your Memories with us

Add some fun taking pics to share with your friends. Post them to the Zulumoon Facebook Page or tag us #zulumoongondolas. Have a look at some of the lovely Instagram shares from other customers on zulumoongondolas

We aim to make this a night to remember and share. These rides are fully booked every year so secure your ticket now and don’t miss out on this wonderful experience.

Summary of Other Zulumoon Gondola Rides

Click here to view our full list of packages.

valentines durban - gondola special

valentines durban – gondola special



December things to do in Durban Fun Gondola Boat Day Ride

Hello December

December Things To Do In Durban

Thinking of December things to do in Durban? What can you add to make your holiday memorable and special. What does a holiday it mean for you?

For me, it’s a special time, a time to…take some time out of life’s constant rush, a time to spend with people. Family..friends and those who are just hurting. A time to give and a time to receive. This is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. It is time to celebrate life! Durban boasts many fun things to do but visiting  Zulumoon Gondolas is a must.

One of the Top Ten Things to Do in Durban in December

Yep this is a real must. The canal is so amazing with its beautiful bridges. The Point Waterfront is so scenic and makes for amazing pictures. We do have something for everyone with our many packages. So head on over to our rides page and browse away. We offer a unique experience and a memory to cherish afterwards. One that you can share with friends and family afterwards.

Some of our packages are:-

  • Relaxing Day Ride
  • Message in a Bottle
  • Picnic Ride
  • Sweets in a Bottle
  • Deluxe Ride with Live Music!


Sweets in a Bottle

I don’t know about you but I love to surprise my friends and especially my kids. Your children will be blown away when they get to find their own bottle of sweets floating in the canal! What fun!

or~ Message in a Bottle

Wow your partner when they discover a bottle with a personal message from you during their Gondola Ride. How Romantic and special. When you board the gondola you will not see the bottle but rather find it floating in the canal during your ride. Memorable and special indeed and something that will be cherished forever.

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